Friday, March 5, 2010


Hi! Let me first say that the Red Shed Strawberry Farm from my last blog has NO berries this year due to the freeze.
OK...can i just tell you how easy starting a garden is?! I wanted to to try growing organic veggies for the longest time to cut down on grocery expense. So, knowing NOTHING about this, I got 10 packets of different veggies (organic seeds) and some peat pellets from Lowes. After pouring warm water on the peat pellets, they expanded like magic right before my eyes. Remember those sponge pills that you put in the bath and they grow into shapes? I felt like a kid! I put 1-2 seeds in each pellet and left them on the counter. The next morning I woke up as if Santa Clause had just come down my chimney and ran to look at the globs of dirt. Nothing. What did I expect after half a day? But no fear, day 2 came around and cucumber and pea sprouts already. The ironic part is that I don't really like either of these. Within a couple more days, I had tomato, zuchinni, squash, pepper, green bean and even carrot sprouts! Who would have thought so soon and so easy? Waiting on the spinach now. So try it! Let me, who has always lacked a green thumb, tell you how simple this has been. Soon I will be eating the fruits of my labor (or should I say the vegetables of my choice)!